Salt Chlorine Generators

Salt chlorination systems are the fastest growing trend in the swimming pool / spa industry.

No more mixing, measuring or messing with harsh chemicals. These units use a low-voltage electrical charge to convert a small amount of salt added to pool or spa water into a self-regenerating supply of fresh, pure chlorine.

    • Softer water
    • No harsh “Chlorine” smell
    • No irritated skin or red eyes
    • Keeps leaves and wind blown debris out of the pool
    • No green hair
    • 99.9% Pure Chlorination

While there are many units available today, we have definite opinions on which one is right for each pool.

Salt Chlorine

Professional installation by a qualified swimming pool service is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Able Pools is the ONLY Service company in the midlands that is Recommended By BOTH of the top selling salt system manufacturers!

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